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Recruitment Information

Welcome.  The purpose of this web site is to provide air transport EMS professionals with information about the union organizing process and the benefits of union representation and collective bargaining.


There are several important issues: competitive pay and benefits, job security, scheduling, shift rotation, safety procedures, and representation. These issues can only be addressed through the collective bargaining process and can only be guaranteed in a union contract.


Organizing requires individuals joining to form a cohesive group whose collective voice has the power to effect change.  Your organizing efforts are protected by federal and state law.  OPEIU maintains confidentiality with our members and cannot be forced to identify our members.

Success will be determined by individual participation and the cohesiveness of the group.  Stand up for a safe, secure, professional work environment.


Next Steps:

  1. Fill out and submit contact information form. This will give us a good look at where we have interest throughout the country and where we need to focus our organizing efforts.

  2. Once we have a significant amount of contact info, we will post the union authorization card on this site for you to fill out and submit. Once we reach a strong majority of these cards, we will submit them to the National Mediation Board for a vote. We will submit the cards to the national mediation board for a secret ballot election.  

  3. Get the word out to your co-workers to visit this site and fill out the contact info form, the more that do it and the quicker it is done, the sooner you can become unionized.

Want to speak to someone?

Dana MacPherson

OPEIU Senior Intl Rep


All information on this website is considered confidential, and is intended solely for the Members of OPEIU Local 109.
Any unauthorized use or distribution is strictly prohibited.

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