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How many times do I need to sign and send an authorization card?

A: The cards are good for one year. Therefore, you only need to send one card. The reason we send cards with every mailing, and have a downloadable card on the web site, is in case you have a change of address and/or know of other co-workers who may need a card.

I don’t know what employee classification or work location means?

A: There are two classifications, Medic and RN. Fill in the name of your base and the City/State.

OPEIU represents the pilots at Air Methods, we are not pilots, how will our specific issues be addressed?

A: The Air Transport EMS professionals will be in Local 109 but will be a separate bargaining unit and have a separate collective agreement that just covers your bargaining unit. The bargaining team will be made up of members from your unit and all the members within your unit will have the opportunity to give input, through surveys and meetings about what will be proposed in bargaining.

Can I discuss union activity at my base?

A: Yes, the law states that you can engage in union activity during non-work times and in non-work areas. However, it is also permissible to discuss union issues in an atmosphere where you typically would talk about other non-work-related things, such as in the lounge, as long as you do not disrupt any work-related activity. However, it is advisable to not discuss union activities out in the open, because we want to keep this as far away from management, and minimize any opportunity for retaliation.

How is the grievance procedure negotiated under the Railway Labor Act?

A: Under the Railway Labor Act the grievance procedure is automatically implemented in all union contracts and is not negotiable.

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